iAccredit - FAQs

Do I need to download anything?

No - iAccredit is cloud based, which means that you simply need to log in securely via the website www.iaccredit.me to access your event information. This also means that you can log in from any computer, as long as you are connected to the internet.

TOP TIP: Help us keep your account safe by choosing your password wisely and don’t store it anywhere, except in your memory!

I don’t have all the event information right now - can I still get started?

Yes, of course you can! Enter the information you do have into the Event Setup Module, which is auto-saved as you go. You can go back and complete (or amend) any missing steps at any time, and will be reminded on the Dashboard if you have missed anything.

You will need to have completed (and marked as complete) each step of the Event Setup in order to generate your Event Application Form unique url and begin to receive applications for your Event.

Can I change details about the event once I have saved them?

Yes you can - within with Event Setup, you can uncheck the 'mark page as complete' box on the relevant page and adjust any details as needed.

TOP TIP: There are certain details that you want to be sure of before you start receiving applications, as it can make things complicated to change them later (such as the Event Dates, or adding or removing categories) so try to make sure everything is correct before you make your application form 'live', but you can change other details right up to the time that you start printing passes if you really need to.

How do I use iAccredit when I am at my event?

All you need is a reliable internet connection so that you can login to iAccredit.

TOP TIP: If you plan to print your passes as they are collected, make sure that your printer is connected and set up correctly before your first guests arrive.

We are always available to give you advice if needed - just send us an email on help@iaccredit.me

I won’t have internet at my event - what can I do?

This isn’t a problem - if internet access isn’t available and you can’t set up a hub from a 3G service, there are still plenty of ways you can successfully run your accreditation centre using iAccredit.

Why don't you send us an email to help@iaccredit.me well in advance of Event Day so that we can assist in planning the best solution for you.

Can I have multiple Accreditation Administrators?

We're working on it! Currently there is only one Accreditation Administrator account enabled per Event and they will have ultimate control.

We know that this is a very important feature, and the ability to invite multiple administrators with varying levels of privileges is right at the top of our 'to-do' list. Watch this space!

If this is a deal-breaker for you, let us know at help@iaccredit.me, as we may be able to speed this feature along!

Can I export all the data at the end of the event?

Absolutely - within reason! Your event will remain ‘open’ for you to access information and to export a myriad of post event reports for 3 months after the event completion date before it is archived. However due to data protection regulations, you won’t be able to download files such as headshot images or passport information from iAccredit.

TOP TIP: Remember that by using iAccredit, you agree to abide by international data protections laws which means that you cannot store personal information about your applicants or use their data in certain ways - please check your countries laws to ensure that you are in compliance.

Can I see applications on my Smartphone / tablet?

Yes you can - however to use iAccredit to its full ability, we recommend that you use a desktop, especially when printing passes which require printer connectivity. We are working on a dedicated App for smartphones and tablets (both IOS and Android), but for now, we've made iAccredit completely responsive to mobile, so you can still access your account when you're on the move.

How much does it cost?

With iAccredit you only pay for the amount of completed applications that you receive. This ‘per application’ cost does vary depending on how many applications you estimate you will receive. See the pricing page for exact pricing guidelines.

TOP TIP: In our experience, nearly every single sports event UNDERESTIMATES the number of applications they receive! We recommend increasing your estimated number of applicants by about 15% - and remember, purchasing credits all at once is a cheaper option than purchasing a few extra credits at the last minute..

Are there any other costs?

Larger Events may wish to add an additional Accreditation Administrator, which is a one off fee per added Admin. The only other cost that you will need to keep in mind is the production of your passes, lanyards and any other items you require. You can source these items yourself, or we can assist you, or even supply you with the printed passes, ready to distribute!

TOP TIP: Get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions - we are here to help, from recommending a supplier or which sized paper you need, to what thickness laminate pouch or plastic card. Our email address is help@iaccredit.me

I need some help setting up the office, manuals and procedures, determining zones, liaising with other event functional areas, fielding questions from all the companies that will have staff accredited, working with the background screening agencies and so on.

Pick us! We can help! We have worked on over 500 events, let’s discuss what you require. Depending on your event size, / expected number of accreditees etc we can send one of our well experienced Accreditation Expert’s to do just about anything - from simply helping you to choose the right questions to put on your Application Forms , right through to sending a dedicated team to manage the whole accreditation project - from start to finish. Just as with our software, you will know beforehand what these costs will be. You decide how much help you need.

When can I start receiving applications?

You don’t need to have completed every task within iAccredit in order to start receiving applications - but as long as you know the key details that you want to receive from your applicants, you can set up your accreditation application form and start receiving online applications, as soon as you have arranged a tour set up with Rushmans.

How do I start receiving applications?

Once you have completed the Setup of your online application form, we'll give you a link to your unique online application form. Simply share this link on your Event Website, or email it to those who will need accreditation (you can distribute your link in any way that you choose). Anyone who has this link can then apply for accreditation.

TOP TIP: Your Application Form unique url is based on your Event Name, but you can edit this url from within the Event Setup pages - its part of Step 1.

How will I know when I have received an application?

Your Accreditation Administrator Dashboard will clearly show this information at the top of the page. This is the first page you will see when you log back into iAccredit as an Administrator.

TIP TIP: We hate our inbox being clogged up with notifications about these sorts of things, and we figure that you will be using iAccredit regularly, so we've chosen not to send you an email each time you receive a new application. If you think this is a silly idea - let us know! We love feedback and constructive criticism!

Can someone add multiple applications for my event on behalf of their company staff?

Ah yes - "Organisation Coordinators" are what we call them, and we are building this very important feature at this very moment! We will let you know when it is available - please be patient - until then each new applicant will need to be added manually.

If this is something that you would find particularly helpful, let us know at help@iaccredit.me - maybe we can hurry this feature along!!

What about the quality of applicants photographs?

Blurry or low resolution photos are one of the biggest annoyances of accreditation professionals. We have set a minimum file size of 50kB for photo sizes and a built in photo cropper which will allow applicants to crop their headshot to the optimum dimensions for iAccredit if necessary before they submit their application.

Can I request supporting documents from my applicants?

You sure can. In the ‘Set Up My Application Form’ section you can request certain documents, such as an assignment letter from a publication for Media applications.

Can I request specific information from my applicants?

Yes you can. In addition to the generic details that are common requirements, you can request specific information from your applicants, such as a federation membership number. You will come across this step in the Event Setup pages.

How will my applicants know when they have been approved?

Once you approve an applicant’s application within iAccredit, an automated email will be sent to them to let them know. You can edit the information within this email from the ‘Set Up Communications’ section and you will be prompted to do so before any emails are sent out.

TOP TIP: Your approval email is often the first communication that your applicants will receive from you about your event - make sure you make it polite!

Do I need to sign up to the Data Protection Act?

Because you will be receiving personal information about your accreditation applicants, you will need to comply with the data protection laws that are relevant to your country. Make sure you check what these laws are - they are commonly found on your government’s website.

What happens if I pay for 500 Applications and I reach the limit?

You will receive notification messages within iAccredit when you are nearing the total number of applications you have received, and if you think you will need to, you can easily purchase more credits from the Billing section.
New applications over and above the number that you have purchased will continue to be received, however, although your Dashboard will continue to indicate the number of applications being received, you will not be able to view to accept or decline those applications until you have purchased more credits.

TOP TIP: In our experience nearly every single event UNDERESTIMATES the number of applications they will receive for accreditation. We recommend increasing your estimated number of applicants by about 15% - and purchasing them all at once is a cheaper option than purchasing a few extra at the last minute..

If I ask you to produce the passes, how long will it take?

This will depend on a number of factors, including the number of passes that you anticipate requiring, the style of passes that you want produced, and the country that you require the passes sent to - which will influence the delivery time.
The best idea is to Get In Touch as early as possible if you would like to discuss the option of us producing your passes for you - at the very minimum 2 - 3 months before you will need them!

Do I need a special printer?

This really does depend on the type of pass that you wish to produce:

Paper-insert passes, which are an A5 sized template folded in half, can be printed using most modern high quality laser or inkjet printers, just make sure that they can take A5 sized paper.

TOP TIP: You get what you pay for when choosing a printer - make sure that your printer is ‘up to the job’ and is suitable for printing the amount of passes that you will need - including colour if you are including a photo of your applicant on each pass. Don’t fall into the mistake (that we’ve all made before!!) of purchasing a cheap printer only to spend that money you saved, replacing the ink cartridges every 20 passes!

Plastic Cards (Known as ‘Cr80’ - which is the size of a credit card) need to be printed using a specialist Cr80 card printer. These are widely available to purchase, or hire for short term use from specialist printing suppliers. We use a Magicard Rio Pro at the moment, and think it is great!

TOP TIP: One thing to note is, a lot of Cr80 printers are only compatible with PC (Windows) devices only, so if you are a Mac fan (like us) you will need to make sure that you have a windows compatible computer available to use when you print your passes.

Where can I get pre prepared blank pass stock to print on?

Once you have designed how your passes will look using the iAccredit Pass Designer, you can download a template for printing ahead of production of your individual passes - when you will print the individual's unique details onto the template to produce their pass.
Most print houses can produce these for you - if you have a regular supplier of brochures or newsletter printing, they should be able to produce your blank pass stock for you, try doing a google search online for ‘brochure printing services’.
In any case, please Get In Touch to discuss.

TOP TIP: Make sure your supplier is able to add a "fold line" to the pass stock for you - this makes it easier to fold the passes prior to laminating them!

Can I reprint a pass?

Yes you can. Each pass printed has a unique number that corresponds with an applicant's details. If you need to reprint a pass for some reason, this unique pass will be numbered with a ‘-2’, meaning that this is the second print of that pass.

Will the passes be individually numbered?

Yes - each pass will be numbered with a number unique to each applicant. If you need to reprint a pass for some reason, this unique pass will be numbered with a ‘-2’, meaning that this is the second print of that pass.

Can I store my event template to use for future events?

Yes, you can. This is available from your Event Dashboard.

I don’t need categories (and / or zones) - how do I get rid of them?

In the Event Setup section, simply check the box ‘I don’t require categories' (or zones, where relevant). This will remove these modules from your Dashboard so that you won’t need to think about it any more. If you decide to add categories (or zones) back at a later stage, you can do this by returning to the Event Setup section.

TOP TIP: Adding categories after you have started receiving applications can sometimes cause complications, so try to ensure that you are happy with your Event Setup before you share your application form.

I need more categories (and/or zones) - how do I add more?

You can easily add up a total of 15 categories and up to 9 zones (+ an “Access All Areas”). We have pre-populated 13 categories for you which you may wish to use, but you can easily add your own by rewriting these categories.
If you require more than 15 categories or more than 9 zones, we suggest you get in touch with us for assistance - our email address is help@iaccredit.me

TOP TIP: Keep it simple by keeping your categories and zoning settings minimal. We are happy to offer you advice if you get stuck along the way!!

I need to add barcodes / QR codes?

Barcodes and QR codes are high up our priority list too and we will be adding these soon - If Barcoding is an absolute necessity to the running of your event then please let us know on help@iaccredit.me - we may be able to fast-track this feature for you!!

Can I request a unique feature? How long will it take for you to add it in?

We are continually working on improving iAccredit, the way it works and the features it offers. Please get in touch with any request, small or large! You never know, we may be on the cusp of adding the feature in, or we may be able to fast-track it into production - you never know unless you ask!!
Our email is help@iaccredit.me and we'd love to hear feedback from you - be it good or 'constructive'!

Where can I find help?

We hope that iAccredit will help you every step of the way, but if you get stuck and haven't been able to find an answer within this FAQ section, please contact us on help@iaccredit.me.
We'll get back to you within an hour if you contact us within normal UK business hours (GMT) - or first thing Monday morning if it is the weekend!

What happens if a fire or flood (or theft) destroys my accreditation centre?

You will be up and running as soon as you connect again to the web - that’s the joy of iAccredit being web-based - literally within minutes you can securely access all your data. Connect a replacement pass printer and you are well and truly back in business.

If you still have unanswered questions please don't hesitate ask us a question with the form below!